Chobe Under Canvas

Large and comfortable mobile safari tents in Chobe River area

Chobe National Park
$560 - $895


Chobe National Park - DRY Camp

Price Range (2018)

$560 - $895

Our Rating

Client Rating

Our Highlights

  • Game drives and private boat cruises on the Chobe River
  • Dine beneath the stars
  • Perfect for adventure enthusiasts, seasoned bush lovers
  • Rustic charm combined with the comfort of full service
  • Enjoy access to the scenic Chobe River

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Chobe Under Canvas is the sister camp to Savute Under Canvas. Both camps are a unique product in that they could be classed as "static" mobile camps. Situated in the heart of The Chobe River Front area of Chobe National Park, you are left with the impression that this is a very high class mobile camp. The benefit here is two fold, one of price as it reasonable compared to Botswana standard prices, and secondly this camp is pretty much the only other static camp that resides in the area.


Service levels are excellent, as are the activities, and we have no problem in highly recommending this product. Although we can only give it 3 stars due to the simplicity of the camp, this should not deter you as it is quite a sumptuous affair considering its uniqueness.

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Camp Detail

Camp Style

Dry Camp, daytime game drives plus private boat cruises


Chobe River Area, Chobe National Park

How do I get there

Kasane Airport and then private transfer to camp

Lodge Type

Semi Permanent Mobile Camp with 5 Meru tents

Whats Included


  • Accommodation
  • All Meals
  • All drinks
  • Laundry Service
  • Game Drives - Daytime

Whats Not Included


  • Travel to and from the lodge
  • Private Vehicles
  • Personal Expenses
  • Premium Imported Drinks
  • Tips

Child Policy


12 Years and older only

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Land activities

Water activities

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Spa pampering

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Wildlife & Activities




Renowned as one of the top wildlife reserves in the world, Chobe National Park is home to the largest concentration of elephant on the African continent. The vast elephant population has had a significant impact on the park, thinning out the dense riverine thickets on the banks of the Chobe River. The huge bulk of these majestic animals requires almost 150 kg of fodder each day, with grass, leaves or even tree branches making up their diet. Elephant herds rely upon their matriarch to lead them to the best feeding and water sites, with individuals seldom straying from each other and they are always ready to come to the aid of a family member who is in trouble.


Chobe also boasts two antelope species rarely encountered elsewhere in Botswana - the puku and the Chobe bushbuck. The puku, with their shaggy orange-brown coats and V-shaped horns, can be spotted grazing the floodplains. Always on the lookout for predators, a repetitive whistle is used to warn fellow herd members.


In contrast, the Chobe bushbuck is nocturnal and rarely forms groups of more than one pair. Rarely seen, this shy antelope, with its short, spiral horns relies on a sharp bark as an alarm call when threatened.


Both the puku and the bushbuck have a number of predators to contend with, from lion, hyena and leopard, to African wild dog, civet and caracal.


With an incredible wealth of species, Chobe is a haven for birding enthusiasts. Striking colonies of carmine bee-eaters build their nests in the exposed sandy banks of the river.


Water birds, including many species of duck and the rare red-billed pratincole can be spotted in their thousands, and guinea fowl and francolin dart through the grasses on the river’s edge.


A quintessential African sound, the haunting call of the fish eagle can often be heard echoing over the Chobe River. With their striking chestnut and white colours, these intensely territorial birds challenge competitors to regular calling duets.




The Camp

Camp Overview


Comfortable mobile safari tents with en-suite bathrooms (with flush w.c. and steaming hot bucket shower) at secluded camp-sites in the game-rich Chobe National Park offering up close and personal encounters with Botswana’s wildlife.


Carefully positioned as close as possible to the resident game, enjoy the simplicity of our mobile tents at private camp-sites in one of the top wildlife areas in the world, and home to some of the largest elephant herds on the African continent.


Evidence of vast herds of wildlife wandering the African bush exists on the well-used animal trails that meander between the tents.

Lodge Layout


The Lodge is arrange in a classic Mobile Camping style in that the focal point is a large and open tented area which acts as the lounge and dinning room.


The private accommodations area spread amongst the trees depending upon where the camp is located.


The whole lodge/camp is designed to be moved every week, therefore the configuration of the camp is different each time. However the camp does make full use of area and maintains an excellent outlook where possible

Room Description


Each Accommodation is a very large Meru Tent of canvas and shade cloth windows, with mats on the floor an array of furniture such as a wardrobe and a very large and very comfortable bed as its main feature.


At the rear in a sectioned-off area, is the en-suite ablutions with separate toilet, vanity unit, towel rail and bucket shower which is filled with hot water upon request.


A large and open fronted entrance also house a private veranda with seating for your relaxation.


Camp Environment


The camp sits in a private area of the Chobe National Park, close to the Chobe River itself. The site will be completely open and unfenced allowing the game to roam freely.


The River Area of Chobe national Park is a riverine area thick with trees and scrub.



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